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Quick Meal Box #2

Quick Meal Box #2

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Pulled Pork 500gm x 2
Turkish Pockets (4-pack) x 2
Sweet Potato 1kg
Apples Pink Lady 500gm
Carrots 500gm
Capsicum red 
Lemon x 1
Spinach leaves 100gm 
2017 Mad Fish by Howard Park Cabernet Merlot, Western Australian
2017 Mad Fish by Howard Park Chardonnay, Western Australian 

Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees
Peel & slice the Sweet potatoes into 3mm thick disks; place into a large oven tray; sprinkle lighty with Extra Virgin Olive oil; salt & pepper to your liking
Cook Sweet Potato for 45 minutes, turning over disks half way through until light & crunchy
Wash & slice 2 Pink lady apples into thin fingers
Wash & slice red capsicum into thin fingers
Wash, peel & slice carrots into thin fingers

Add 500gm of pulled pork to a wok or large fry-pan; cook on a medium heat until fully re-heated; approx 15 minutes

Wash Spinach leaves; drain & add to a large salad bowl; add sliced apple, carrots & capsicum to the bowl; blend & mix all ingredients well
Wash then slice the lemon in half; squeeze the juice of 1 half into salad mix
From a good quality Whole egg mayonnaise, add 3-4 table spoons of mayonnaise to salad mix; add salt & pepper to liking; mix until all ingredients are well coated

Slice each Turkish Pocket in half, place in oven at 180 degrees; place crust down for 10 minutes or until lightly toasted

Serve Pulled pork directly onto Turkish Pocket, add coleslaw salad mix atop; serve like a burger with crunchy Sweet potato discs as a side